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An outstanding representative of the first group of headhunters in China, She has won the Best Leader and Outstanding Women Medal in the headhunting industry for many times. After jumping out of the halo of the head of the US listed headhunters in Shanghai, she once again came into the game and built Partner One into a team with a high level of 100 million club in the industry after six years.

An outstanding representative of the first group of headhunters in China, he once founded a headhunting company and sold it to American listed companies. Led one of the largest IT and Internet headhunting teams in China, and has rich experience in national business operations. He started up Partner One and built up the team with more than 150 people and achieved 100 million in six years.

Cherol CHEUK
Raymond WONG
Jerry HE
Winna CUI
Molly MU
Frank QIU
Angie YANG
Jerry HE  Senior Partner
Healthcare & Life Science

As the Senior Partner of Partner One, Jerry HE has over 15 years of healthcare recruitment experience, serving for broth of MNC and China domestic clients from Pharma, Medical Device, IVD and Life science. This team has good track records at placing high caliber, senior and middle-level professionals across China, the fields include Sales, Marketing, R&D, Commercial Excellence, BD & Strategy, Medical and Market Access relevant. Our team is also particularly good at mapping project to understand competitor and talent market upon talent acquisition and development strategy.

Winna CUI, Senior Partner, has almost 16 years focused experience in various function in this field. Her team members are experts in each of their recruiting area. We cover all finance and accounting functions across industries, for instance FMCG and Retail, IT and Internet, Healthcare Life Science, Property and Construction, Professional Services and Industrial, IB/PE/VC Financial Services, etc

Accounting & Financial Services/Legal & Compliance/
Human Resources, Shanghai
Winna CUI   Senior Partner
Molly MU  Senior Partner
Accounting & Financial Services / Human Resources / Internet, Beijing

Molly MU, Senior Partner, has more than 14 years focused experience in various functions in this field. Our consultants are expert in each of their recruiting area. We cover all finance and accounting functions across industries, for IT and Internet, instance Consumer and Retail, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Property and Construction, Professional Services and Industrial, etc…

Frank QIU   Senior Partner
ICT / Digital Technology & Innovation / Supply Chain & Procurement

Frank QIU, Senior Partner and the head of IT/DTI/SCP teams. He has more than 13 years of work experience in the IT and headhunting industries, including about 8 years of overseas work and entrepreneurship experience. He led consultants that have professional knowledge and skills in their respective recruitment fields with rich headhunting experience. Our ICT team serves large/medium-sized foreign enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, covering the fields of IT industry sales, marketing, technology and recruitment of various posts in the IT department of the enterprise.

Angie YANG  Senior Partner
Chemical & Manufacturing, Shanghai

Senior Partner Angie YANG has more than 13 years of experience in chemical and manufacturing area. The Chemical & Manufacturing team that led by Angie structure our business in different specialization, Sales and Marketing, Research & Development, Quality, Health Safety Environment, Operation and Engineering to provide support to our clients’ talent acquisition.

C&M (Chemical & Manufacturing) team specializes in manufacturing recruitment and talent market survey project consulting. We focus on placing high caliber, middle to senior level professionals across China in major cities.

Alanni SHENG
Joey WU
Amber LI
Jennifer JIANG

Alanni SHENG,  Partner of Partner One, lead the Shanghai Internet team and has nearly 11 years of experience in this industry, specializing in serving listed and start-up Internet companies. At the same time, her team also maintains good cooperation with some well-known investment companies and investors to help them with post investment recruitment. Our consultants are experts in each of their recruiting area and cover the following key functions in Internet industry: development / sales, product/design, front-end development / big data, mobile terminal development / algorithm, marketing / operation, etc.

In order to build an excellent candidate pool in the Internet industry, Alanni and her team have been keeping good network and interaction with candidates through different ways, including fact to face meeting and offline salons.

Internet, Shanghai
Alanni SHENG  Partner

Henry LIANG is a Partner of Partner One Guangzhou Branch. He has more than 10 years of recruitment experience in South China, and has a deep understanding of different local industries, as well as the needs of customers and professionals. Before joining Partner One, Henry was the Deputy Director of South China of an American listed headhunting company, where he established a sales and marketing, accounting and financial recruitment team from scratch and made it one of the teams with the highest profit level in the region.

Henry focuses on the recruitment of senior executives in South China. He is a recruitment expert for sales director, marketing director, general manager and human resources director of multinational companies and domestic customers.

Consumer & Retail / Human Resources /
Accounting & Financial Services, Guangzhou

Henry LIANG  Partner
Joey WU   Senior Division Partner
Healthcare & Life Science, Shanghai

Joey WU is the Senior Division Partner at Partner One. She specializes in marketing, medical, clinical research and development, etc.For six consecutive years, her personal average annual productivity is 3.4 million, with the highest annual performance of 4.72 million. Her team has more than 20 subordinates, in which she led more than 10 consultants from fresh graduates to "百万顾问". The annual performance of her team is over 15 million.

Amber LI  Senior Division Partner
Healthcare & Life Science, Shanghai

Amber LI is the Senior Division Partner of Partner One, Shanghai HLS team, specialized in healthcare, especially pharmaceutical strategy & commercial excellence function. Before joining Partner One, Amber worked for the well-known foreign enterprises Pepsi Cola and Allegis Group. After only six years in the headhunting industry, she has become the first post-90s partner of Partner One with remarkable personal performance and excellent team management ability.

She has great passion on recruitment industry, currently leads 15+ ppls to cover pharma mid-senior level hiring. Her team is very productive and stable with over 1.5 million per year revenue by hc in FY20-22. She developed several great leaders and top billers to provide better service to clients. With bachelor degree in Mathematics from Xiamen University,  Amber holds very strategic and insightful prospective towards healthcare industry.

Jennifer JIANG is the Division Partner of Partner One, Shanghai DTI team. She has 13 years of experience in headhunting industry, spicialized in digital transformation, traditional IT and the Internet. Before joining P1, Jennifer JIANG mainly served multinational headhunters and was good at high-end job recruitment in the technology industry. Over the past seven years, She and her team have helped more than 10 large enterprise customers build digital/innovation centers from zero to one.

Having strong identification ability in the field of selecting compound talents, Jennifer has won many awards for personal performance as well as the best team leader for many times. She has successfully recommended 160+digital and IT candidates within seven years, and the team has successfully recommended more than 300 candidate.

Digital Technology & Innovation, Shanghai
Jennifer JIANG Division Partner
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